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A Little More About Me

Hey everyone! I am excited to be able to use this blog space to be able to share some words of wisdom, funny encounters, create some useful dialogue, and perhaps some mutually shared experiences with you all. My hope is to provide support and information on various topics that I have found beneficial or those areas that you have specifically shared with me that would be helpful to better understand. I am a therapist who enjoys getting to know you as my client and also for you to get to know me a little more than just what I do professionally; therefore, I will share some of my own personal experiences related to myself and my family that I hope will provide some mutuality and hope for your own mental health challenges.

Some of you may have read the About Me section of my website, but I thought I would share a little more here in my first blog post. My husband and I decided to become foster parents a few years ago after we had both worked for a non-profit engaged in the child welfare system. I was a child and adolescent therapist and my husband was a social worker. After discovering how many children were in need of safety and love we both decided that this was how we were going to start a family. This has been the most challenging, frustrating, amazing, and beautiful journey we have ever been on. We have been stretched as a couple trying to navigate being new parents and raising children who are not biologically ours and navigating how to aid our families in understanding our choice to grow our family in this way.

Parenting is just one of the many topics I hope to discuss and share with you on this blog. Knowledge is power and I hope that I can share some tidbits of knowledge with you all in this way. With all that has been going on in today’s climate with COVID, I want this space to provide hope and support whether just through reading a blog post you connect with or having a therapy session individually or in a group setting that creates connection within yourself and/or your community.

I look forward to connecting with you!


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