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Parenting: How to have a healthy and enjoyable relationship with your child

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

We have all heard that parenting is rewarding and an amazing experience, but can we all also recognize that it can be hard? really hard?!? Through my time as a parent there have been many moments of joy and laughter, but also several moments of sadness and frustration. In my experience with my children, and through what I have learned in my training, I have found some very helpful strategies and tips that have provided me with some necessary tools to handle the challenges in a more effective manner and have more enjoyable times with my kids and less of the overwhelming, frustrating ones.

I find it helpful to categorize this into 5 different categories to create a healthy and enjoyable relationship with your child; Play, Attachment, Boundaries, Broken Boundaries, and Consistency. These are all things you are already doing well as a parent, but over the next five weeks I will be delving in deeper about each of these key elements in parenting and providing some ways you can better implement them into your own daily routine at home to strengthen the healthy and enjoyable relationship you have with your child. All of these elements are part of a larger approach called PCIT or Parent Child Interaction Therapy. PCIT is a structured and helpful way to begin engaging with your child in a way that feels good for them and for you. You both deserve to enjoy one another and the experiences and memories you are making together.

Parenting can be a very isolating and invalidating experience at times, but my hope is that through this blog you feel seen and heard, but that may not be enough. I would love to set up a time to work with you and your child one on one to begin equipping you with these same tools to begin changing the relationship you have with your little one. Like I said in the beginning, parenting is hard, but it does not always have to be. Sometimes changing a few things in your schedule can create a ripple effect that will radically change how you parent and you can begin rediscovering the joy in parenting again. Stay tuned for next week as I dig deeper into the world of play with your child.

Please schedule a free consultation if you have further questions or schedule your first PCIT session with me today!

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This sounds great! All the best! May the Lord guide you on this journey.

Love, Jackie .

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