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Couple & Family Therapy

Gaining perspective can be challenging when you are feeling stuck in old patterns and ways of maintaining relationships. Taking some time to start unpacking these unhealthy patterns and work with your partner and/or family to start creating new healthy patterns will open up doors for new and exciting ways to interact and enjoy time with one another.

Couple Therapy

  • Restoring trust after an affair

  • Improving communication and connection with each other

  • Embracing one another's differences

  • Uncovering common ground and mutuality

  • Identifying and changing unhealthy patterns in the relationship

  • Rediscovering joy and excitement within the relationship

Family Therapy

  • Navigating co-parenting

  • Family planning

  • Parenting challenges 

  • Introducing new partners to the family

  • Explaining divorce/separation to your child(ren)

  • Rediscovering fun and enjoyment in the family system

  • Relearning healthier modes of communication

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