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Parent-Child Interaction Therapy

As caregivers, you desire to have a close, loving, and fun relationship with your child. When this is not the case, time with your child can feel frustrating, overwhelming, and exhausting. With PCIT, you can learn some fun ways to play with your little one and some healthy and effective ways to increase compliance. This therapeutic approach will change how you engage with your child and strengthen your relationship. Learn more here

Is PCIT for me?

  • Is your child 2-7 years old?

  • Is your child defiant in the home or school setting?

  • Is your child physically or verbally aggressive?

  • Does your child struggle with peer relationships?

  • Do you desire to have a healthy attachment with your child?

  • Do you want to enjoy playing with your child again?

How is this different from Play Therapy?

  • Provides real-time coaching in session with direct feedback to the caregiver to manage challenging behaviors.

  • Parent is involved in every session so power is always kept with the caregiver rather than therapist.

  • Effectiveness and success can be seen through observed change by caregiver.

What do I need?

  • Wireless headphones with a microphone (such as a bluetooth earpiece)

  • Constructive and creative toys such as those found on this list

  • Small play area with some of the above toys

  • Willingness to play with your child 10 minutes a day

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